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About Us


Gia Market Store is the most reputable and active store in the field of dried vegetables and fruit chips, dried vegetables and other nuts.

One of the tasks of the market plant is to help buyers of dried vegetables and fruit chips and dried fruits and dried vegetables and their powders to be able to buy better, with better quality at a reasonable price.

You can contact us to add the production unit and specifications of your products and to know the latest prices of dried vegetables and slices of dried fruits and dried vegetables and their powder, so that the plant market store can cooperate with you in attracting customers and selling more.

Our customers can order a variety of dried and dried vegetables, dried vegetables in sliced ​​and powdered with excellent quality for export or domestic consumption in bulk and packaging. Due to direct purchase from the main producer and factories with the permission of customers can get their desired product They can be purchased at a very reasonable price and have more profitability. Also, the buying process in the online store of Gia Market is very easy.

Dear customers, to buy market plant products such as garlic powder, onion powder, tomato powder, dried vegetables, raisins and dates and other… for export, contact us.